Available Horses

Our Adoption Process

We are rescuing slaughter bound horses and rehabing them with the intent to make them available for adoption to qualified, caring people.  The horses are rescued from different auctions and buyers around the US, go through a quarantine process, vet checked, doctored, fed high quality Thrive feed until they are a safe, healthy weight, wormed and have their feet trimed.  Then we start the process of getting to know them and how they relate to people.  They are worked in a round pen with ground exercises and then ridden extensively.  We try to correct any behavior issues and determine a category for the horse:


1. beginner rider and kids

2. intermediate for play day, trail riding or beginning roping

3. the horses with bigger engines or lots of spirit that can be trained to be comfortable around a rope and cows to be ranch horses 

4. the ones who are so physically or emotionally hurt they can only be pasture pets.  


The first three categories get to meet lots of deer who jump out at them, ride on the road with traffic and go through our "obstacle course" which is anything scary we can think of.  

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