Some horses come in to us in such bad condition either physically or emotionally that we have decided to keep them with us as Pasture Pets in order to ensure their safety and well-being for the rest of their lives. We figure- since humans that put them in these conditions, it's up to humans to step up and help them.

Stryder is a Tennessee Walker that unfortunately has seen more abuse than we can imagine. Our head trainer has even said that from his behavior it is clear this horse has been severely beaten many times without any way to escape or defend himself. 


Because of this horrible treatment, Stryder is now a permanent resident of Jubalee Ranch. He will know nothing but kindness and enjoy large pastures and ample food for the rest of his life. He deserves it.

 Tuck here is about 20 years old and has clearly seen a life of hard work- only to be repaid by being sold to a kill buyer. His legs get sore with too much work and his back can really only handle small children at this point.


Like many that we have rescued, Tuck came in to us severely underweight- fortunately for him, one of the Jubalee Ranch specialties is fattening up horses. We've decided to give him the retirement he's been waiting for and let him live in comfort. 

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