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Why we rescue

We are saving these guys because we care.


There are healthy, well trained, sweet, gentle horses going to slaughter who have so much to offer and deserve to be someones loved companion. There is no way to recoop the amount of money that we have put in to each of these guys, it's not about that.


So, we are picky about who they go to.  We have an adoption fee, and a contract that says you will take care of the horse and never sell or give him away.  If you can't take care of him or he doen't fit for you, he comes back to Jubalee.  We also require a home visit and follow up pictures or visits to reassure us we have made the right decision in sending him with a you.  

Who is available?

There are individual pages posted for each horse with pictures, videos and information about him.  I reserve the right to not show a posted horse if he gives us any reason to change our mind about his adoptability. I will try to get them posted as soon as possible.  We have a lot and I bail more all the time.  If you are looking for a particular type, just let us know.

About us

Jubalee Ranch is an aproximately 1000 acre ranch located outside of Corpus Christi, Tx.  The ranch is home to the Hearn family, exotic and white tail deer, rescue horses, cows, rescue dogs and various other creatures who needed a home. 

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